Registration and application
for local admission-restricted
courses of study

Coordination phase 2 has started and finishes on 24.08.2017 at 24.00 .

The optimal admission possibility is determined based on your personal priorities. Please notice, that the application portal is not accessible meanwhile.

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You want to apply for a local and admission-restricted course of study?

Here we provide you with the application for a study place for first professional qualification and admission-restricted courses of study in five steps:

Step 1: Decision for a single or more than one course of study

Due to the variety of courses of study being offered at German higher education institutions (Germany's state (public) or state-recognised universities of applied sciences, colleges and traditional universities) it is best to decide whether you want to apply for one particular one or for multiple places. By applying for more than one you improve your chances. If you decide on more than one offer then it is important to set your priorities for each requested course.

Step 2: Recognising restricted admission

With the help of the particular higher education institution or the portal you can find out whether your chosen course falls into the category of the first vocationally qualification and admission-restricted course of study.

If you discover that your chosen course of study is unrestricted then please contact the higher education institution directly. is unable to provide information about courses of study open to all.

Step 3: Application for a local and restricted course of study (Numerus Clausus)

If your chosen course has an admission restriction then please check whether it participates in the dialogue-oriented service procedure. The appropriate information can be found directly on application portal  or on the website of the actual higher education institution.

In the case that your chosen course does not participate in the procedure then refer directly to the higher education institution to find out how to proceed. is, in this case, unable to provide further information.

In the case that your chosen course does participate in the dialogue-oriented service procedure there is information about how to proceed to registering and applying. provides the first information for the next steps to be taken.

Step 4: Receiving and accepting an offer of admission

As part of the procedure a check will be made as to whether you meet the selection criterion to allow you a place. In any case you will be presented with a list of offers. You can accept an offer or decide to wait and see whether you receive a further offer for one of your chosen courses that better suits your wishes.

As soon as you have accepted an offer of admission, all your remaining applications irrevocably withdraw from the ongoing procedure for local admission-restricted courses of study (in DoSV) and you will receive a notification of admission. You no longer participate in the procedure. If you want to wait and see whether you get a better offer for a place higher on your priority list then you can do so. If no higher prioritised offer can be made to you, you can fall back on the admission offer that is already available. In any case you receive a notification of admission.

The notification of admission contains detailed and important information about the matriculation. The matriculation is done under the jurisdiction of the higher education institution according to its rules.

Step 5: Starting the course of study

Before you start the course it is best, in your own interest, to check that you have completed all the necessary steps.

The secretarial staff at the individual higher education institutions and student organisations will provide help and answer to your questions about taking up your studies. Detailed information can also be found on the institution internet site.

In various videos from the different factors concerning the admission to a higher education institution in the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) are explained to applicants. We regret that these videos are only available in German.

The flyer from hochschulstart and the checklist contain the information for applicants about the service procedure for the admission to higher education for the winter term 2017/18.

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