Registration and application
for local admission-restricted
courses of study

Clearing procedure 2
starts on 23.09.2017, and you can apply up till 28.09.2017 at 24:00.

In the clearing procedure free places are allocated by drawing lots. Even those potential applicants who have not yet applied can take part.

Please note that no new registration is needed, assuming of course you are already registered [more].

Maintenance work

From 03.10. 23:00 until estimated completion on 08.10. 24:00 maintenance work will be done. Unfortunately the application portal is not available during that time.

We appreciate your understanding.

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Information about your own applications

You can view your submitted applications in your user account under "My applications". It is in your own interest to consult these regularly. If you have applied for a higher education institution and this application doesn't immediately appear in your user account under "My applications" please have a little patience it may take a little time.

Please note that only applications, for courses and higher education institutions, that participate in the dialogue-oriented service procedure will be visible.

Application status

The status of each application, e.g. "submitted", "valid", "admission offer not possible at the moment", etc., will be displayed. The status "admission offer not possible at the moment" means that all the available admission offers have been allocated to other applicants. It concerns an temporarily status and not a finally refusal.

If your application is still not visible in the application portal then perhaps the higher education institution has not yet communicated your application data to in which case we ask you to have a little patience.

Activity status

If you have chosen more than twelve courses of study the activity status lists which applications are actively participating in the procedure. The superfluous applications are marked as "inactive" because they are not allowed to participate in the procedure. If you want to participate in the procedure with one of the "inactive" applications then you have to withdraw an "active" application. In this way another application moves up a place. Only then can you set the status to "active". This is possible for the winter term 2017/18 up till 23.07.2017, 24:00.

Offers of admission

Offers of admission will be presented to you under "My applications" in your user account. You can either accept an offer straight away or wait for other offers of admission. If you decide to accept an offer of admission you receive an admission and then all the other applications in the procedure are automatically withdrawn. Please note that, after accepting an offer of admission you will receive no further offers of admission.


As soon as a decision has been made you receive the relevant notification. You will be informed of this in the application portal of The various types of notification can be found under Notifications.

The notification is either available in the application portal of under "My applications" or you are advised that it is issued by the higher education institution. For information on when and in which form the notification will be provided please contact the higher education institution in question. Unless you explicitly declared that the electronic notification was sufficient, the notification will be sent by post. Please observe the details of the information in the application portal of

Setting priorities

You can also set the priorities of chosen courses of study in your user account under the application portal of Setting the priorities means ordering your chosen courses of study according to your own preferences. This setting of priorities is important so that, in the coordination phase 2, can offer the places of study in preferential order. It is recommended to set the priorities as early as possible. If you haven't set the priorities before the end of the decision phase the applications will be ordered in the application portal of according to their submission date. This means that first submitted application will have the highest priority.

If you have only submitted one application in the dialogue-oriented service procedure, it has automatically the priority one and there is no need to set the priority manually.

The higher education institutions are not informed of the priorities set by the applicants. Your chances of admission will not be influenced by the priority setting. It is possible to set the priorities of your chosen courses of study beginning with the start of the application phase and finishing with the end of the decision phase.

Video about priority setting

Videos provide further information about setting priorities as well as other subjects related to admission to a higher education institution. We regret that the videos are only available in German.

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