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Clearing procedure 2
starts on 23.09.2017, and you can apply up till 28.09.2017 at 24:00.

In the clearing procedure free places are allocated by drawing lots. Even those potential applicants who have not yet applied can take part.

Please note that no new registration is needed, assuming of course you are already registered [more].

Maintenance work

From 03.10. 23:00 until estimated completion on 08.10. 24:00 maintenance work will be done. Unfortunately the application portal is not available during that time.

We appreciate your understanding.

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Information for higher education institutions

The following pages contain information for higher education institutions (Germany's state (public) or state-recognised universities of applied sciences, colleges and traditional universities) concerning the dialogue-oriented service procedure. You can find out for which higher education institution and for which courses this is relevant under For whom and for whom not?.

Over and above this there is of course general information about the dialogue-oriented service procedure itself as well as references to other information sources and material like e.g. the information portal. Likewise it is worth taking a look every now and again in the area downloads, as interesting documents are published here.

"Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung - SfH" (Trust for admission to higher education) sees itself as offering a service to the higher education institutions

  • that has a coordinating and supportive function,
  • that collects experiences, and prepares them to make them available to the higher education institution
  • and that operates and optimises the dialogue-oriented service procedure and the nation-wide admission procedure.

Do you have any further questions? Under Contact you can find out how you can contact the SfH's employees.

The SfH's publications can be consulted under Press (only available in German), further information is to be found under About us.

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