Registration and application
for local admission-restricted
courses of study

Clearing procedure 2
has started, and you can apply up till 28.09.2017 at 24:00.

In the clearing procedure free places are allocated by drawing lots. Even those potential applicants who have not yet applied can take part.

Please note that no new registration is needed, assuming of course you are already registered [more].

Maintenance work

From 03.10. 23:00 until estimated completion on 08.10. 24:00 maintenance work will be done. Unfortunately the application portal is not available during that time.

We appreciate your understanding.

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Legal notice

This internet presentation is produced and maintained by the

"Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung - SfH"
(Trust for admission to higher education)
- Trust under German Federal public law -

represented by
Dr. Ulf Bade (Managing Director)

Sonnenstraße 171
44137 Dortmund

Telephone: +49 231 1081-0
E-mail: poststelle(at)

No information about application can be had under this telephone number or e-mail address.

Responsible supervisory body
Ministry for Culture and Sciences in the German state Nordrhein-Westfalen

Responsible for the content 

Patrick Holtermann, spokesman for

E-mail: pressestelle(at)

Contacts for those applying for a place of study

Enquiries about the procedures of the SfH are to be directed exclusively to the applicable address.

Contact for courses of studies with a local admission restriction
(Dialogue-oriented service procedure, DoSV)

Contact for courses of studies in Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry and Pharmacy


E-mail: webmaster(at)

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Verdict from 12th. May 1998: The Hamburg state court made the following decision, that one is, where applicable also responsible for the content of embedded links. According to the court this can only be avoided by explicitly distancing oneself from their content.

We have in our web pages links to pages on the internet where has no control over the content or actuality. The following statement applies for all of these links: " has no influence over the form or content of external internet pages and therefore distances itself from all external content even when offered a link to them. The operators of the linked pages are solely responsible for the content."


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